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We are a local Sri Lanka tour operator. Together with you we put together individual tours through Sri Lanka. 

We combine local know-how with German-speaking service. Our tours include accommodation, private drivers, entrance fees and insider tips. 

We make your dream vacation in Sri Lanka come true! 


We make your dream vacation in Sri Lanka come true!

Travel Zeylan – Lokales Know How & German Service

Together we are there for our guests 24/7! 



After gaining experience as a travel companion on behalf of established Sri Lanka tour operators for several years, we founded the Travel Zeylan agency in order to be able to offer Sri Lanka tours according to our own ideas. 

It is very important to us, as a local Sri Lanka tour operator, not only to show our guests the beauty of nature in our country or the impressive stone witnesses of our history, but also to offer you an insight into everyday life and modern life in Sri Lanka. Our compatriots are very hospitable and welcome visitors who are interested in their lives. Conversely, your hosts are just as interested in you. 

That is why we always offer our guests the opportunity to meet locals and encounter them on our tours. Visit a host family, cook and dine together, go to the movies, watch a cricket game, or learn how to make a roof over your head out of palm leaves! 

With the support of our friends in Germany, it is now possible for us to present our Sri Lanka tours in German on our website. You will continue to support us in contact with German guests. 

We have tried to put together Sri Lanka tours for different interests and ideas and to offer you attractive accommodation and interesting excursions for individual planning. We always take great pleasure in accompanying families with children through our country. That is why we paid special attention to suitable routes and excursions for young visitors. 

We would be very happy to be able to assist you as a competent Sri Lanka tour operator in planning your trip and to be able to welcome you personally in Sri Lanka soon. 

Our mission & vision 


We want to show a modern picture of Sri Lanka and take our visitors to places that are not on the established routes and surprise in a good sense. 



It is important to us to involve our compatriots in our travels and to create informal encounters between them and our visitors. So that you can really get to know Sri Lanka and life here. 



Local travel know-how & cheap direct booking without intermediaries


Personal travel advice & German-speaking 24/7 booking and on-site travel service


Exclusive round trips, varied bathing trips and sophisticated combination packages with excursions, transport and accommodation


Unusual travel programs with local insider tips and casual encounters with locals


Uncomplicated planning of tailor-made trips in 12 steps


Private individual tours with certified, German-speaking tour guides


Transport in air-conditioned, low-emission vehicles with licensed private drivers


Quality-tested accommodations & charming beach resorts with the "Travel Safe Label"



I am Anuradha Singhara, or Anu for short. I am 28 years old and founded the Sri Lanka tour operator Travel Zeylan. Before that, I worked for several years as a German-speaking tour guide on behalf of Meier’s Weltreisen and DER Tour. I studied German at the Goethe Institute in Colombo because I like the language so much. 

At Travel Zeylan I take care of the compilation of travel routes, the selection of new, attractive travel destinations and the creation of tailor-made offers. I travel a lot in my country, always rediscovering it for our guests. 



My name is Nimesh Desilva, I am 25 years old and studied German with Anu at the Goethe-Institute. I also worked as a tour guide for major Sri Lankan tour operators for several years before joining Travel Zeylan. 

Here I take care of hotel bookings and quality control of the accommodations. When choosing and constantly checking the accommodations, I attach great importance to a pleasant ambience, cleanliness and a good location. I also check the quality of the food personally on a regular basis. In this way we can offer a selection of accommodations, the quality of which we guarantee with a clear conscience. 



My name is dinesh I am 32 years old. I look after the rental of the vehicles at Travel Zeylan. I regularly check the documents of the drivers and the vehicles and personally check the technical condition of the vans and limousines in our partner workshop together with the drivers. I helped in my father’s workshop as a child, and I know a lot about cars. 

During the travels, I keep in touch with the drivers and provide quick solutions if there are requests or questions. 



I am Nadeere Kumara. As a web designer, I am responsible for the Internet presentation of Travel Zeylan. I produce the travel videos and photos for Travel Zeylan and make sure that our customers can find us on the Internet and always get a good overview of the current offers on the website. 



I am Shashika, 26 years old. I speak German because I lived in Germany for a while. In Sri Lanka I then worked as a German-speaking tour guide for various European Sri Lanka tour operators. 

At Travel Zeylan, I keep the books and finances in order. But I am also in contact with our guests during their stay in Sri Lanka if they have any questions or requests. 



Folgen Sie uns


Folgen Sie uns


Folgen Sie uns

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